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Training Solutions


Manufacturing Math         16 hours of Manufacturing Math



This course prepares students to handle whole numbers, decimal and fractions, understand and determining tolerances and figure shipping requirements in a manufacturing environment.


The subjects covered during the training will include:


Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers

Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing of fractions

Reducing fractions to lowest terms

            Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing of decimals

            Calculating decimal equivalents

            Calculating tolerances






Basic Blueprint Reading 8 hours of Basic Blueprint Reading



This course will prepare students to understand and interpret blue prints.


The subjects covered during the training will include:


            line types

            orthographic projections

            pictorial drawings



            tolerancing types

            title block


            print sketching


Industrial prints with worksheets are used to strengthen students abilities.



Basic Measuring Tools   8 hours of Basic Measuring Tools



Understanding the ruler, dial caliper and micrometer

Measuring tool nomenclature

 Making accurate measurements

Then making accurate readings


All training will consist of leader instruction, hand-outs and worksheets. Hands-on training exercises, team projects and one-to-one help as appropriate or needed.

Basic Machining  


24 hours of Basic Machining

8 hours of Basic Machining (group classroom) 

16 hours of hands-on Drill, Mill and Lathe (individual instruction)

Classroom                                                  Hands On


Drills – 2 hours                               1 hour

Parts of the drill                                           Safe Drill Press Operation

Drill nomenclature                                       Hole layout

what’s a deep hole                                     Deep hole drilling 

How to identify a dull drill                            Drill Sharpening

Use and care of drills                                  Drill and Ream

Hole transfer (clearance and threaded)


Threads  – 2 hours                        1 hour

Thread Terminology                                    Drill and Tap Holes 

Pitch                                                              Die use

Major Diameter                                            Turning Thread on Lathe

 Minor Diameter                                         

Pitch Diameter

Tap Nomenclature

Tap Drill Selection


Threads per Inch     


Milling – 1 hours                                8 hours              

End Mill Nomenclature                                   Milling projects

Bridgeport Nomenclature

Climb Milling

Conventional Milling


Turning – 1 hours                              6 hours

 Lathe Nomenclature                                       Lathe projects

Cutting tool Rake options

Turning terms

Cutting Sequences


Inserts – 1 hours

 Insert nomenclature

Inscribed circle

Eight failure modes of inserts

Insert selection

Use and care of inserts